Monday, August 02, 2010

Phototasting at Cube

I don't have much of a photography background.

I have lots of experience with food -- I have been eating for thirty-seven years and cooking for at least half of that. But, I have far less experience with cameras -- especially when it comes to taking pictures of food.


Perhaps you've noticed.

So when my dear friend Kress emailed me information about an event at Cube on La Brea called Phototasting, I was immediately intrigued. Hosted by two formidable Los Angeles food bloggers, Pam from
Rants and Craves and Claire from The Kitchy Kitchen, this seemed like a genius opportunity for me.

I managed to wrangle A. into watching Fe. for the afternoon, so I was a free woman.

It was a very lovely way to while away a Saturday. In three hours you learn the basics about your camera, the technical ins and outs of food photography (with helpful tricks -- hello, white balance and bokeh!), and the stylistic building blocks of food composition. Throughout the helpful lectures, you have the chance to practice what you're learning on the stunning food prepared by the chefs at Cube.

You may have thought that that would be enough to sell anyone on Phototasting, but let's not forget the name is Phototasting.

And bam! -- there you have the clincher -- tasting all the dishes!

We began with heirloom tomatoes and fresh peaches with imported buffalo mozzarella, 6-year old balsamic and fruity olive oil. Very fresh, bright and summery.

The second course was black truffle pizze with mozzarella and fried egg. I'm easily sold on anything with a fried egg on top. Pairing the egg with the earthy mushrooms and melted mozzarella was a smart move. Delicious.

Our third course was pancetta wrapped porchetta with creamy polenta, and roasted broccoli. I enjoyed the saltiness of the meat, but I particularly loved the creamy polenta. If I see polenta on a menu, I almost always order the dish that comes with it. I don't care what the protein is -- I just want the soothing warmth of polenta to wrap itself around me.

So, yes, I felt lucky when I saw this on our menu.

The fourth and final course was white nectarine shortcake with lemon verbena and fresh cream. Nice to finish off the afternoon on a not-too-sweet note.

All in all, this was an informative and fun way to pass a Saturday. Especially nice was meeting other folks from the Los Angeles, food blogosphere and then tearing into these tasty dishes with them.

There is something to breaking bread with others. There really is.

Be on the lookout for another Phototasting event in October, if this is the kind of thing that you dig.


OakMonster said...

We didn't get to meet, but now we virtually have! :)

I love your pork pictures. Some reason, I just can't get mine right, except for the bite. Then again, I wanted to just EAT IT!!! Hee.

October Phototasting? Dahling, it's date!

Maggie said...

Bellissima! I so enjoy your Phototasting images and your blog! Cheers to "new" blogs to stalk!

Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Your photos are off the charts from Saturday! I'm sorry we didn't meet, but happy to find your blog and perhaps the next Phototasting? BTW, went back twice since Saturday, and think I've tried almost everything on the menu now. What diet?

Monique said...

I think the photos look totally beautiful!

Jennifer said...

It was so great to meet you at Phototasting! I've been out of town and just got my pictures posted. Your blog looks so great, and I'm definitely down for some chicken wings. What did you do with the carrots? Those look yumma, too! Hope to see you in October!