Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Best Deal in Beverly Hills

When you think of Beverly Hills, you rarely, if ever think of deals. When (and if!) you think of Barney's you certainly don't think of bargains. You may think of gorgeous Henry Cuir bags and the unparalleled scents of Byredo, but you know that if you dare shop there, your credit card is going to take a beating.

I've actually stopped thinking of Barney's at all. It is much less painful that way.

Well here's some good news -- one of the best drink deals in the city is on offer on the fifth floor at Barney's Greengrass!

Boozers, this isn't for you. Sorry!

I'm talking about their glorious 50 cent egg cream. Fifty cents, folks! You can have at least three without worrying about your pocket book at all.

A dear old friend of mine, Jordan, took me to lunch at Barney's Greengrass just yesterday. I hadn't seen him in nearly twenty years, and I was filled with nervous anticipation.

Yet, I have to confess that I was almost equally excited by the opportunity to drink, photograph and share this chocolatey and refreshing egg cream with all of you.

An egg cream is chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer. My mom taught me to make an egg cream when my sister and I were little girls. There are no eggs and no cream within. You can read all about its Brooklyn origins and how it got its seemingly inappropriate name here.

You won't find any other deals on the menu at Barney's Greengrass, but if you are a fan of smoked fish, there is lox to choose from.


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Monique said...

I'm totally craving one now.