Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Hour at Bar Bouchon

Another escapade with Mo. and Jacqueline.

We twisted (didn't take much) our mother's arm and persuaded her to watch Fe. on a Thursday afternoon, so we could check out the new happy hour at Bar Bouchon. We were so excited to be free and easy that we showed up just fifteen minutes past the 4 p.m. start, itching for a cocktail. We were very nearly the first folks to get happy, and handily we did.

The menu has quite a good number of tasty treats, all priced between four and eight dollars. Oysters on the half shell, pulled-pork sliders, truffled popcorn (perfect salty nibble), assorted olives, grilled cheese sandwiches are all to be had for the asking. We found that it was hard to choose, because all of the selections were so appealing and the prices so reasonable.

There is a red and a white house wine priced at five dollars a glass, an ale on offer for four dollars and their well drinks are seven bucks. The problem for us was that I asked to see the cocktail menu. Big mistake. Once you've read it, you are definitely not going to be interested in well drinks.

Mo. indulged in several Pisco Sours. And I had a slightly bitter Rye-based drink with a hint of cherry, absinthe, and vermouth called Remember the Maine. Pretty good, but my next two (yeah, I know) were much more convincing. Perhaps for the use of my booze of choice, Jameson Irish Whiskey, or its mix of muddled rosemary, orange liqueur, and lemon, the Le Medoc was hands-down a knock-out.

Another problem for us was the huge temptation of tuna tartare on a summer evening. Again we were forced to order off the regular menu. This was not a mistake. I loved the slightly sweet and tart citrus coulis with the clear asian flavors of sesame and soy paired with the pristine tuna and crunchy cucumber.

The tomato and burrata canapés were good, if not inspired, but the pulled pork sliders after just two bites, convinced us to order more. Soft, succulent and just yum.

Bar Bouchon offers a convivial happy hour that I look forward to experiencing again. It's completely reasonable if unlike us, you are able to show even a modicum of restraint.

Good luck with that.

Bar Bouchon
235 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Monday-Friday 4-7 p.m.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you must have had... I wish that I lived nearer.. thank you for taking me with you in words an photos...

Monique said...

I'm ready for more sliders!

Melanie said...

The truffled popcorn with its perfect salty nibble sounds tasty! It is nice when you find a bar that combines the flavour of exquisit meals and the happiness that alcohol can give us. I must say that there was onle one time I found that combination and it was in my trip to Argentina. Next to all of the different buenos aires apartments I stayed in, there was a branch of a place called Sullivan´s. It had the perfect atmosphere. I met very cool people there!