Monday, May 09, 2011

Vous Me Manquez

It has been so much longer then I had hoped it would be.

I've missed you!

My list of excuses could go on and on, but suffice it to say that we've been a bit sick in our house and being sick with a sick kiddo is a lot different than being sick on one's own. It really sucks. The other problem is that I've been in a funk. A gloomy cloud has been following me around. I'll tell you, it does not promote creativity or provide inspiration.

I'm working on shaking it off.

I can recommend something that seems to have a touch of curative effect.

If you are able, plan a last minute trip to Paris!

I know. I know. Easier said than done, but that is exactly what A. and I have done. We've got a whole lot of investigating to do, because our future may be in French.

I'm starting to buzz just beneath the skin. I'm all shortness of breath and excitement (pretty sure it's not the lingering illness). We haven't been to Paris since 2004 or 5. I can't even remember, but it has been too long. A. and I are pretty serious francophiles. We've both lived in France at different parts of our lives and we've been anxious to try to return for a much longer spell.

We'll see...

So I'm writing this little post to explain myself, ask forgiveness for being away for far too long, and to request your assistance.

I am tremendously sorry for leaving you hanging on Cioppino. I have so much more to share! Please forgive my absence. I won't do it again, except for another week towards the end of May. But it will be worth it! The stories from Paris should be all food and loveliness.

Since this trip was planned a little hastily and at the last moment, I've had a rotten time getting reservations at all the hot new restaurants. Frenchie is booked through August. Rats! Le Comptoir is packed through June. I'm crossing my fingers that there will be a miracle and somehow I will finagle a reservation at Le Chateaubriand, but I am not holding my breath.

I keep reminding myself that there are a ton of wonderful places to enjoy in Paris and that even if I miss out on every one of Bourdain's favorites, I will still be eating well and having a smashingly good time. It'll just be the two of us kicking up our heels in Paris, for goodness sake! Fe. will remain stateside, chilling with my parents and sister.

So here is what I'm after. What do you folks love in Paris? What are the quieter (or noisy!), lesser known gems? Where was your favorite tarte au citron or batch of couscous? Do you love Lenny Kravitz' favorite falafel joint as much as he does? Tell me your secrets! We're dying for your advice!


BRDavis72 said...

There is a crepe stand across the street from the Madelaine that I absolutely adore...I know, there are stands all over Paris, but this one NEVER disappoints...I get the same thing every time I go...a crepe (although I have been told it is actually something else) with egg and cheese and it is divine...I hope that it proves to be the case for you, as well. And of course, the macarons at La Duree are unbeatable. And Pastis at Cafe de Flore...and the list goes on and on and on. Bon Voyage mon ami!

Anonymous said...

We ate at lot's of great places and you can read my review on france chowhound.
Forget about tony's favorites, there are a lot of grat new dining and my two favorites were La Bigarrade and Sola.

jacqueline f. said...

Thanks for the link to your awesome report on Chowhound, Anonymous! I want to go to there!

Anonymous said...

I know you will have a great time. Make sure to check out Jacques Genin, I wish I could be there right now.