Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just a quick word. I tried Forage yesterday for lunch. They're in the old Town and Country spot on Sunset in Silver Lake. They've only been open for four weeks, already it seems like just what we need in the neighborhood.

You order at the counter, choosing from a flush inventory of meatball subs, cippolini onion crostini, pork belly, avocado or pastrami sandwiches, quiche of the day, roast jidori chicken, farro and lentil salad, roasted root vegetables, and an array of sweets. It is a little like a tiny Huckleberry.

I had the Awesome Avocado Sandwich, which arrives on crusty french bread with tomato, shaved cabbage, fennel pickles (not very pickle-y) and green garlic aioli. It also comes with soup or salad. I chose the soup. Cabbage and potato.

Loved the sandwich! Not too into the soup. It was a little too rich for my mood. I should have chosen the salad. Also picked up a couple of cinnamon buns for breakfast. So sticky and delicious!

Looking forward to my next meal at Forage. (Also seems like a great place for takeaway.)

3823 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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