Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm home alone tonight. Fe is here, but thankfully he is asleep.

When I'm alone, my meals fall into the same categories on a regular basis... Canned fish, toast, eggs, chicken, and lots of whatever vegetables are in the fridge.

That's a list that does not make for sexy food writing, but honestly I've been sick of sexy food writing since the 90's.

And to sidetrack for just a second... any food writing that even hints at any type of "goodness" gives me a strong gag reflex. What a hideously generic way to describe something... the cheesy goodness, the sticky goodness, or worse... the gooey goodness. Yuck.

These days my fridge is filled with vegetables, thanks to the CSA that I belong to. I'm almost struggling to keep our consumption of vegetables on track, so that we aren't dragging to finish the previous week's bounty.

Lots of dandelion greens and mizuna.

Mizuna is a japanese dandelion green that is less hardy and a fair bit less bitter. Unless dandelion greens are very young, they are really best cooked. Mizuna on the other hand does very well raw in salads, or cooked.

The preparation that I used tonight was so simple and probably not really worth reporting, but I can't help myself. It was really pretty great. You can do this with dandelion greens or mizuna. For some reason, I was just loving the moisture-filled stems of the mizuna tonight.

Sautéed Mizuna
Heat some olive oil in a pan. Add some chopped garlic and crushed red pepper. Let it sizzle a bit, and then add a washed and chopped bunch of mizuna. Stir to coat the mizuna with the oil. Add some chicken stock and let simmer until the liquid has mostly evaporated. Season with salt and pepper.

I know, not even a recipe really.

So, to the menu tonight, add some leftover cumin and coriander roasted broccoli and whole grain toast with imported tuna and well, you get the idea... very in keeping with my usual Wednesday nights.

Stay tuned for a bit on our visit to Church and State in downtown Los Angeles, and very likely a short rib recipe. And, oh yes, carrots.

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