Saturday, February 11, 2006

Range Rover

We'll be moving into a new house in just over a month. Our very own house. The kitchen setup is driving me nuts. The most confusing part has been trying to select a range. This is my big chance to finally have the stove of my dreams, but the dreams have been changing every night. I thought Viking, Wolf, Thermidor. Then I heard about DCS and Dacor. I read the book, Bungalow Kitchens and it spoke of the "Rolls Royce of ranges," La Cornue. I fell in love. The price? About $36,000, taking approximately three to six months to be custom built by hand in France. Clearly that was out of the question. But what about they're more reasonable, prebuilt line, CornueFe? Eight grand. Still a lot too much and there is not much feedback out there on the internet. There's the Bluestar and the Jennair and the AGA, which stays on constantly and requires a lot of pot shifting, but is pretty gorgeous. Somehow checking out the AGA led me to the Lacanche. I'm not sure how, but it did. And now I think I am smitten and developing an unhealthy obsession.

Lacanche. I've spent the last few days reading posts about these ranges dating back to 2001. I can't stop. I think it's really the range for me. I think the Cluny might be perfect. Two ovens, one gas and one electric. Four burners and one French top, simmering plate. I've never used one before, but it seems extremely versatile. The oven is not selfcleaning, but apparently is very easy to clean all the same. The burners are sealed. The service is supposedly unbeatable. There are tons of very happy Lacanche owners out there dying to talk about their experiences. And these ranges look fabulous! Beautiful enamel and stainless steel and brass knobs and handles... Super low simmering paired with high BTUs. They take eight to ten weeks to be built to order in France. I don't know if I can wait. We move in on the 15th of March. A few weeks with nothing to cook on, may be impossible. There is a reserve list of immediately available ranges. The question is will my dark red linoleum floors, seafoam green/turquoise tile, black cabinets and Colorado White Pine walls and ceiling look good with French Blue enamel???? My colourist says yes!

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